Services for Children

We believe that the encouraged child is the child who learns best. Therapy is carried out through play and through fun activities.

Find out more about speech and language services for children.

  • Assessment
  • Advice
  • School liason
  • Therapy

Services for Adults

Learn to like your own voice, and present and communicate in a way which engages your audience, ensuring that people listen.

Find out more about language and communication coaching for adults.

  • Initial consultation
  • Coaching for spoken and written communication

Magic Link handwriting

The Magic Link handwriting programme® is a fun, simple, structured, 30-step course. Suitable for adults and children.

The Magic Link handwriting programme changes writing from messy and illegible to neat and flowing. This programme teaches joined-up, cursive handwriting in 30 simple steps. Writing becomes more enjoyable and self-confidence increases with the Magic Link method.

About Cynthia

  • Working in a friendly and supportive atmosphere
  • Highly experienced therapist who has worked with people of all ages
  • Registered with RCSLT and
    HCPC (UK)
  • Charges available on request
  • Complete confidentiality assured

StoryFrames: a method for supporting silent children in the classroom.

This book is an invaluable resource for both teachers and speech and language therapists working with children new to a school, who do not speak the language of the school and who have chosen silence as a way to negotiate their new situation.
The focus is on the relationship between teacher and child, and as such provides helpful ideas for building children’s confidence and for helping them to emerge from their "silent period".



The three books in the “Voices” series are fictionalised case studies drawn from a wide range of children attending my speech and language therapy practice. They provide helpful information for parents and teachers about the challenges which face children with communication and language difficulties, and about how the process of speech and language therapy works. These books were written in an attempt to give a voice to children who cannot yet speak up for themselves.

Joshy Finds His Voice Silence
Voices from the Sand
The Voice of the Zenolith
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